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Teen Program
(13 -17yrs) 

KRAV MAGA for Teens

Our program provides an effective way for any teenager to build confidence, and gain real self-defense and fighting skills. ​Our classes provide a safe place for students to train hard and be their best selves. We meet every student where they are, but always encourage them to work hard and be a good partner for their classmates. Our program also focuses on deescalation and avoidance skills, improv games, and body language recognition. 

Street smarts don't come naturally to everyone. You don't "need" them to get into college, and many people dont prioritze self-defense training the way they do other types of academic skills. We hold true to the belief that young people need street-smarts AND book-smarts to truly succeed in the world.

See our schedule page for details, and email us today to set up a free trial class

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