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Be Your Own First Responder


OPKM believes that confidence comes from competence, and that your training time is valuable. We vow to only show you what works (quickly) while making sure you are always learning and improving. It's not just what we're training, it’s how we're training that sets us apart.

We are a progressive school and our instructors are constantly testing and improving everything we teach to ensure the best defensive options for our students. In short, we teach modern combatives, and our training aims to defeat modern day threats and attackers.


At On Point Krav Maga, we include the following components of training to allow you to develop your skills into an operating system that can performed under stress:

  • Awareness and avoidance

  • Social and verbal skills, managing unknown contacts 

  • Self-defense

  • Hand-to-hand combat 

  • Armed self-defense 

  • Aftermath Training

We also provide strength and conditioning that will enable one to physically
stay in the fight, and classes led by Snapdragon Movement to keep your mind-body connection healthy and strong 

On Point Krav Maga 
212 Calvary Street  Waltham, MA 02453

  • All experience levels are welcome here

  • People living with disabilities are welcome here

  • All religions are welcome here

  • The Queer community is welcome here

  • Patriots are welcome here

  • Immigrants and the BIPOC community are welcome here


We all learn together. Come train with us!

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